SEVAN 650-2 DRILL FLOOR hoisting completed
时间:2011/4/18 13:05:00 阅读人次:1493
On March 21, Dalian COSCO Rikky Ocean Engineering successfully completed the integral lifting for the SEVAN 650-2 DRILL FLOOR. All technical parameters were in full compliance with design requirements. 
The DRILL FLOOR has an overall length of 34.347 meters, a width of 25.185 meters, a height of 20.468 meters and weighs a total of 987 tons. A core part of SEVAN 650-2, the DRILL FLOOR is packed with high technology content. 
Dalian COSCO Rikky arranged for Singaporean technical experts to work on the project and sent a specialized project team to ensure that all work was accurately and efficiently completed, including the structure construction, piping prefabrication and installation of electrical equipment. All technical results were approved by DNV Class, the shipyard and the owner. The success played an important role in COSCO Nantong Shipyard maintaining their schedule for the SEVEN 650-2 drilling platform project.