WOODWARD UG-25+ Information
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Woodward’s UG25+ governor was designed as an upgrade of the ‘classical’ UG8 and 3161 governor. Since 2006, 
the UG25+ is a proven product and offers improved control performance and hydraulic amplification in the same footprint as the UG8 or 3161 . 
If you are an existing user of the UG25+, COSCO Rikky Ocean can maintain or upgrade your UG25+ P1 governor to the latest P3 version at your next service interval for a nominal fee. (The UG-25+ P3 offers even better performance over the P1 to maximise the uptime and output of your engine.) 
Advantages of the UG-25+ P3 Version:
• Improved dynamic performance due to higher vibration tolerance
• Service interval increased from 12,000 hours in the P1 to 20,000 hours in the P3
• PC service tools can be utilised without the need to stop the engine
• Troubleshooting is possible even with the engine running
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